SOLAR PANEL 20Watt , Smart Charger, Maintainer, Inbuilt Reg!
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Revolutionary SMART CHARGE 20w Solar Panel. This panel stands out from others as its fully automatic, with a built in regulator. You battery will never cook with this solar panel, and no need to buy an additional regulator.

The simple and easy to use 2 wire clamp connectors, make this unit easy to move to an area that has an an abundance of sunlight. The connector included makes it easy to charge all jumps starters and power packs. The unit automatically maintains a floating charge in the battery of 14v, when this falls below this level the charging cycle automatically begins at 15 v, until the floating level is again reached, and then it switches off.

• Maximum power: 21W

• Floating voltage: 14V

• Boosting Voltage 15v

• Rated current 1.45amp

• Dimensions: 621 x 281 x 28mm

• Weight: 2.37kg

Cord length 1.5m

These are not toys, like other low quality solar type panels

3m and 5m extension cables available, sold separately.

File Photo only the unit does not have a stand