UNIDEN Uniden R3NZ GPS Radar Detector
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***NZ NEW NOT AN IMPORT *************

Reduce the pleasure of the speed camera Nazis with this VALUE Radar Detector Uniden R3NZ.

• Extreme Long Range
• GPS Built-In
• Redflex Speed Camera Detection
• Pre-installed with NZ Speed & Red
Light Camera Database
• 360° Radar & Laser Detection
• Display & Voice Alerts
• X, K, Ka Super Wideband Detection
• Band On/Off Selection
• OLED display options;
• Current Speed, Clock, Battery
Voltage, Travel Mode
• Quiet Ride - Mutes alerts below your
set speed
• Maximum Speed Alert option
• Highway / City / Custom Modes
• Anti-falsing GPS Auto Mute
• Stores up to 500 combined memory
mute points / user marks
• Remembers and automatically mutes
false alerts
• Minimises false alerts from blind spot
vehicle monitoring systems
Box Dimensions: 178H x 210W x 82Dmm
Box Weight: 740g
Barcode: 050633600313
Longest Range Window Mount Radar
GPS with Red Light camera alert,
360° Laser / Radar Detector with
memory, voice alert, and electronic compass
• R3NZ radar detector
• 12V DC Power Cord with Mute Key &
USB port
• Single & Double Mounting Bracket
• Hook and loop fastener tape
• Hard Carry Case
• Owners Manual

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