SLALOM SKI JOBE BARON 69" (Wide Profile) **NEW**
Only $690.00


This is the largest ski of its type, 69" with wide profile making those deep water starts easier, yet still retain the ability to carve like like a pro. <br/> <br/>•Slightly wider profile <br/>•Wide forebody for easy deep water starts <br/>•Refined side cut, bevel and rocker designs to allow stable consistent turns <br/>•Overall predictable and forgiving ski, suited to most skiers and water conditions <br/>•Particularly popular with heavier skiers <br/> <br/>•INSERTED: The complete range of Jobe skis is inserted and all bindings are plate mounted and include a pivot rear plate system. This allows the ski to be fine tuned for individual binding placement preferences <br/> <br/>•BINDINGS: Focus Adjustable front boot and Pivot Rear Toe Plate <br/>•FIN: Aluminium drop through <br/> <br/> <br/>THIS SKI WILL TURN YOU INTO A HUMAN CRUISE MISSILE !!!! (Hopefully not a weapon of mass destruction) <br/> <br/>**SAVE** A ski like this would retail easily in the mid $800s <br/> <br/>This ski is suitable for skiers up to 110kg <br/> <br/>**BUY WITH CONFIDENCE GENUINE JOBE and HUTCHWILCO AGENT*** <br/> <br/> <br/>LAST ONE LEFT IN THE COUNTRY !!! <br/>