Loose Unit VOO DOO "The Sled" Sensational 3 Person
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The LOOSE UNIT VOO DOO is the ultimate 3 person ride, <br/> <br/>A "Sled Type" tube, where three riders lie in the prone postion, the VOO DOO will creat Carnage amoungst your teenagers. <br/> <br/>Defy centrifugal force with VOO DOOs topside stabilizer fins. <br/> <br/>The 6 Deluxe nylon wrapped handles with neoprene knuckle guards provide a sure and comfortable grip. <br/> <br/>Voo Doo has a tough 30 Guage virgin PVC bladder, fully covered with a 73" 840 Denier double stiched cover. <br/> <br/>Heavy Duty Action for 3 Adults. <br/> <br/>A massive 1700mm Wide and 1600mm Long! <br/> <br/>VOO DOO THE ULTIMATE RIDE! <br/> <br/>****PLEASE NOTE: 3 MONTH LIMITED WARRANTY ONLY VALID FOR DEFECTS IN MANUFACTURE****** If you are not happy with this please buy elsewhere as water toys by their very nature are put under huge stress. <br/> <br/> <br/>**Buy with Confidence, Authorised " Loose Unit" and HUTCHWILCO AGENT ** <br/> <br/>