Extreme Dinghy Wheels ! Quality Stainless Steel Construction
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Extreme Dinghy Wheels for all Terrain. Forget those shitty, little, all plastic construction Dinghy Wheels ;) Quality Stainless Steel Construction, with Large, Go Anywhere, C Tug Wheels . Ideal for Launch and Retrieval of your Dinghy at Low Tide Yachties II, Leg length, from base plate to bottom of wheel Approximately 35cm This is the simplest yet smartest and strongest dinghy wheel set on the market. It is fool proof and bullet proof, with less moving components and less complexity giving them less chance to fail. These wheels are made to be super strong and reliable. They are made from high grade polished stainless steel. Sometimes the simplest solution can is the best but realizing and coming up with the concept can be the hardest. After 10 different prototypes and 18 months of R&D and extreme testing we have succeeded. Easy to use, no pins no springs and no clips. The wheel and arm can easily be removed leaving only the base plates bolted to the transom. Meaning you can fold up your inflatable and put it in a bag. Specially designed for the serious Yachtie’s who travel the world and can’t afford being caught out by a low quality product, where beach landings are a serious topic and constantly being out on the ocean means you need a system you can depend on. Yes we do take our dinghy wheels seriously. The wheels are designed to counter balance the boat against the motor making it easier to move. Our goal is to make lasting high end products and to always maintain high standards during production. Mr Marine, Extreme Dinghy Wheels.... Dinghy Wheels in the Extreme!!