Hull Cleaning Pad ,With Built in Handle
Only $11.00


Never struggle again with Hull cleaning ( or outdoor mould cleaning, at the house)

These are BRILLIANT! They cut through that nasty Hull grime and goo, like a knife through butter.

Forget those old scrubbing brushes and scotchbrites, the less dense weave means that the pad doesnt clog like a Scotch Brite.

Once you have used one of these beuaties, you will never use anything else again!

50% faster cleaning, saves time, and as we all know time is money.

The scrubbing pad is mounted on a convenient, floating handle.

It scrubs algae, grime, and other unsightly goo that collects along the wateline, and it doesnt have to be replaced every time you drop it , as it floats! Unlike your old style pads, with out a handle.

Feel free to ask for a quote for Multiple Items.