Grunt EMERGEL 500ml
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The Grunt range of multi-application cleaning and polishing products includes the non-toxic (it contains mild acids) Emer-Gel rust, stain and stainless steel oxidation remover, Kleenashine oxidation remover and restorer and the Supawax gelcoat and lacquer finishes polish. Use this 3 stage product range as the total solution for restoring and maintaining your vessel or vehicle to its original pristine condition.

Emer-Gel is produced in the form of a clear gel paste. Can be applied to surfaces of any angle.

Apply by brush to the rusty or stained surface and leave for 5 to 15 min (depending on substrate etc). Hose off with fresh water or wipe off with a wet cloth or sponge.

Can be applied to metals, masonry and some fabrics. Emer-Gel will penetrate light grease and oil films. Should not be used on aluminium.

Cautions: The use of protective gloves is advised. Avoid skin contact. Read the instructions on the pack before use.