GPS/GSM Tracking Device Ideal For Car or Camper
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Never lose track of your babies whereabouts with this little beauty!

This unit is uses the GSM/GPRS network and GPS satellite positioning system using built in GSM and GPS antennas.

While the unit is connected to a vehicle’s OBDII port you can locate the vehicle remotely by sending an SMS to the device.

Easy to install, just plugs into ODBII port.

Suitable for all vehicles with compatible OBD II (Including, but not limited to the following models)

• Most Japanese vehicles produced after 2003.
• US produced gasoline vehicles sold after 1996.
• Chinese domestic cars sold after 2003.
• European gasoline vehicles sold after 2001 or are produced after 2000. Diesel vehicles sold after 2004 or produced after 2003.

This unit requires a working standard size SIM card to operate via text and data. SIM card costs & any charges related to its use are not included with this unit.

Dimensions 70×48×26mm
Weight 60g
Network GSM