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WHY BUY PARALLEL IMPORT VERSIONS, WHEN FOR ONLY A FEW DOLLARS MORE YOU CAN BUY NZ NEW , WITH FULL SERVICE AND BACK UP FROM UNIDEN NEW ZEALAND. <br/> <br/>****PLEASE NOTE: Uniden New Zealand records all serial numbers of New Zeland sold product. IF YOU BUY PARALLEL IMPORTS FROM OTHER TRADE ME SELLERS, AND THE UNIT FAILS, THAT UNIT WILL NOT BE TOUCHED BY UNIDEN NZ FOR REPAIR******* <br/> <br/>Dont take risks with yours and your loved ones safety, this floating VHF radio is ideally suited for all forms of boating, where immersion is a possibilty. <br/> <br/> <br/>This well built, rugged Uniden handheld Marine radio is rated JIS8 submersible and is packed with outstanding benefits including Auto Plot to DSC distress call, GPS compass, emergency strobe, all marine channels, and weather channels. <br/> <br/>Return to that good fishing spot by adding and storing favorite locations. External Speaker Microphone Included.This "State of the Art" Marine radio was built to save lives. With built in GPS, it knows your location, and with a push of the "Disaster Key", the DCS Digital Selective Calling system initiates a mayday, transmitting your location so you can be rescued (DCS System is not monitered in New Zealand). This model will also be listening for distress calls, and using the best technology available, CLASS D, it has a built in receiver dedicated to listening to the emergency channels, so there are no missed calls and no interruption of your communications while the radio searches the emergency channels. A design that fits into your hand, the large display offers you a choice of two backlit colors, orange or green. If you drop it in the water, it floats to the surface, and the glow in the dark seals and power key allows you to find it easily. No more difficult menu settings just to change between 3 levels of power, 1, 2.5 or 6 watts. Just set it one time at 1 or 2.5 watts to maximize the battery life, and when you need the maximum transmit allowed, a full 6 watts, just use the POWER BOOST key, and you have instant full power. The bright strobe can easily be turned on, flashing SOS, getting the attention of others when you are in need of help. The design is not only attractive, but achieves the highest level of water tightness, JIX8/IPX8 standard, allowing for complete submersion of 5 feet for over 30 minutes. It also comes complete, with an AC adapter, DC charger, charging cradle, 11 hour rechargeable battery, an accessory battery tray, and a heavy duty swivel belt clip. <br/> <br/>Leave your GPS behind with this Awesome unit!!! <br/> <br/> <br/>