HYDROSLIDE Deluxe Combo Water Skis 67" NEW
Only $269.00


Learn to carve like the Pro's with these quality Hydroslide Adult Combo 67" Water Skis <br/> <br/>•Textured concave bottoms <br/> <br/>•Wider tail for easier starts and maximum stability <br/> <br/>•Molded urethane constructiion <br/> <br/>•3" drop-thru fins <br/> <br/>•Rear kicker for single skiing <br/> <br/>Size: 67" / 170cm. overall length with full length tunnel concave for more stability <br/> <br/>Suitable for riders 50kg upwards. <br/> <br/>Beginner - Intermediate ability. <br/> <br/>Adjustable binding for comfort and to adjust to any foot size. <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/>**BUY WITH CONFIDENCE GENUINE LOOSE UNIT and HUTCHWILCO AGENT*** <br/> <br/>