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Cleans and protects anything exposed to Salt, be it Saltwater, Salt Air or Road Salt, the trusted brand Salt Away  946ML

This is a water-based, high concentrated concentration designed to prevent corrosion, break down and remove salt. It is safe to use on all surfaces making it perfect to flush out motors and wash boats to give your toys a greater life. It is biodegradable and non toxic so is safe you both you and the environment.
  • Salt Away is a multi-purpose product designed to break down salt and prevent corrosion
  • It can be flushed through the engine, added to water (and used to wash the boat) or applied directly to surfaces 100%
  • High dense foaming to assists where has been applied and clings to surfaces to slowly soak through hard layers of salt
  • Engine flush for inboard, outboard, I/O and personal watercraft engines
  • General mix ratio 512 water : 1¬†
  • 100% non hazardous
  • 100% non-toxic
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Water based
  • Inhibits rusting and corrosion
  • Makes up to 480 litres