Uniden UPP44 Portable Phone Power Bank - 4400mAh
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Never be stuck in the outdoors again, with a flat battery, on your favourite electronic device.

Ideal for those wanting extra power for smartphones & Tablets while out & about

4400 Milli Amp Hours, SHOULD give you 2 x Recharge for smart phone, or 1 x Recharge for a small Tablet.

Ideal for being away on the boat, or in the great outdoors.

This universal portable power bank is one of the major necessities for your smarphone, tablet and other battery devices; the Uniden UPP44 is a slimline portable power bank suitable for your mobile needs. Compatible with most phones (Apple, Samsung and most android devices) as well as tablets. The LED Indicator keeps you in check ensuring your phone remains fully charged. Keep device on constant charge without any worries.

Rechargeable battery
Capacity: 4400mAh
Input: 5.0V DC/1 AMP
Output:5.0V DC/ 1 AMP
Size: 45 x 22 x 89mm
Weight: 116g