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These monocrystalline solar panels can be easily mounted on the curved surfaces of your boat deck or caravan to charge on-board batteries. The flexibility of the solar cells is limited by the plastic base but will easily bend on the long axis to accommodate a yacht deck or RV roof. It is slightly flexible on the short axis. Best of all, these units do not have a heavy rigid frame and are therefore light, and easy to stow away when you travel. The solar cells are implanted in very distinctive and highly resilient polymers that give durability. The flexible non-glass area of the solar panel is tough enough to walk on. We recommend that you add a solar charge regulator to charge the batteries more effectively. Specifications: • 30W 12V Monocrystalline • Open circuit voltage: 23.7V • Rated voltage: 19.8V • Rated current: 1.51A • Max Power (Pmax): 30W • Short Circuit Current (Isc):1.62A • Cable length: 2 x 85cm (positive/negative) MC4 terminated cables (negative is plug, positive is socket) • Dimensions: 860(L) x 310(W) x 2.5(D)mm • Maximum recommended bending degree: 20° These are not toys, unlike other low quality solar type panels