Hydroslide HOPPER Wakeskis , Trick Skis **AWESOME* DEMOS
Only $329.00


These little Hopper Wakeskis by Hydrosilde, are awesome. Cross between skis and wakeboard, you can wow your friends, and impress all the chicks with these beauties !!! Skis have been used twice and are in excellent condition, just with a few minor scratches that dont detract from the skis. *****SAVE****** •Chaser Lace Up Bindings •A unique mix of water skiing and wakeboarding •103cm long •These skis can cut, jump, and flip forwards, backwards, and upside down •Due to short length, yet large surface area, riders of all sizes and abilities will be able to get up easily Graphics May Vary from Pic shown, but will be similar **BUY WITH CONFIDENCE GENUINE HYDROSLIDE and HUTCHWILCO AGENT***